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About Eggimann Farms:

In 1926, my grandfather, John Eggimann, purchased his homestead in Oregon. The land was entirely brush land, but he cleared it himself, built a house and a barn with his hands and began selling the produce he planted from a small stand in his front yard, all within that same year. His business was located on Old Highway 26 and attracted at least three generations of tourists, locals and regulars travelling between Portland and the natural wonders of Mt. Hood. 

From his garden came numerous varieties of berries, cherries, apples, grapes, peas, squash, corn, tomatoes, beets, carrots, eggs, fresh cream, and potatoes. At the time of sale, my grandfather often picked produce right off the plant for his customers, and his hard-earned reputation for providing fresh ingredients and creative gourmet recipes distinguished Eggimann Farms products as a staple in many Northwest pantries. 

In his 88th year, my grandfather was quoted in a newspaper article honoring his longevity and independence: 

"The people from the Sandy Senior Center knocked on my door one day and asked if there were any senior citizens around," he said. "I told them no, and they took me at my word."

Continuing his tradition of striving for excellence and maintaining a youthful spirit, Eggimann Farms seals the same care and ingredients into every jar of our jams and saucesWe take as much pride in our products as we do in where we came from and look forward to you enjoying them as much as we did growing up. From the farm to your table, we use methods pioneered by my grandfather to keep the ingredients fresh and the flavors distinctive. 

While giant agribusiness operations erode America's family farms at an alarming rate, Eggimann Farms has always remained an independent, family-owned business, operating on the same values, ethics and ingenuity my grandfather held dear. Please pass it on.

We look forward to hearing what you think, and thank you for stopping by!

Best wishes,


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